Residential Painting

We the team at On Call Painter’s specialise in old home restorations. So, whether it is a high- class re-coating system you need on your modern property, or a full restoration on your old heritage home. We the team at On Call Painters are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Children’s Character decorative painting

Have you ever thought about decorating your child’s room in the theme of their favourite cartoon character? Or thought about a perfectly designed wall without the use of wall paper? We the team at On Call Painter’s pride ourselves at being able to create decorative character or designs you wish.

High rise painting

We the team at On Call Painter’s stay current with all new regulations and laws to do with WH&S and safe work skills. We uphold a current licence to work with all lifts, scaffolds, and work hand in hand with the Master Painter’s Association to stay current.


We have teams of rope access painters that ensures all difficult access painting a breeze. Next time you have a position that is difficult to access give On Call a call.


If you are in the position of managing a strata company and need a team of reliable painter’s, no matter the size of the job we the team at On Call are here to help.

High Pressure water blasting/ Soft tech house washing

What does your job entail? We cater from high pressure water blasting down to the most intricate soft technology house washing system.

Traditional Sign Writers

Yes, it is a dying art and I know stickers have taken over. But if you still prefer the traditional way to sign writing we are able to supply that.

Roofing Re-coats

We the team at On Call Painters specialise in all re-coat roofing needs. If your roof is looking tacky and is needing more than a pressure wash don’t hesitate to contact a team member today.

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