After years of dealing with the public, I have come to understand that the most difficult things about painting your property is picking that right colour and choosing the right painter?

When looking for a painter you should always start with ensuring that the painter you are hiring is licensed and fully insured. Further questions to ask are who they are aligned with and what do they specialise in and does that suit your needs.

Because, even though painting looks easy it takes many years to learn all the different aspects within the painting industry. Some painters specialise in different things, example a painter who paints new homes at times does not know the techniques and products used to work on old homes.  Do they hang wall paper? do they do extremely high work? do they do new or old work? the list goes on. Therefore you should know what you want. The painter you speak to should be able to give you all the answers you need in detail. This is important because if you are dealing with a qualified professional ‘he must understand the scope of work to be able to quote and guarantee the job you have for the painter to carry out.

Has the painter covered everything in the quote? Permits, scaffold, electric lifts, paint, labour, preparation. Because if any of these have been missed then the original quote you were given has now gone over. That painter will likely expect you to pay extra ‘this is what you don’t want’.  This is why I say a quality tradesman should be able to explain in detail because some jobs in preparation you can’t know the time it will take to provide the quality of finish you want and deserve. These jobs will be based on an hourly rate and the painter must ensure you understand this from the beginning. This is what I mean by ensuring that you have chosen a painter who specialises in whatever your heart desires.

You have the peace of mind knowing that On Call Painters is partnered with organisations that governs the quality of work it’s members deliver.

Always use a Master Painter On Call Painters Australia is a member of the Master Painters Association with over 20 years industry experience.

By Brendan Behan, Ken Pham.

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